Insight SiP is a Fabless Design and Manufacturing company that aims to provide optimal solutions for highly integrated systems based on a System-in-Package (SiP) approach.

Our Mission

To become a leading supplier of highly integrated custom Solutions for wireless communications (WLAN, UWB, ISM) using a System-in-Package (SiP) approach. The company has a unique combination of specific design methodology and intimate knowledge of the various technological options so as to supply optimal solutions in terms of cost, size and reliability.

Company Profile

Insight SiP has been created by a group of experienced RF component and module professionals to serve the expanding market for highly integrated solutions. The company has innovative technical expertise coupled to industrial partnerships with major players in the SiP manufacturing arena including substrates, assembly and final test.

The three founder members of the company, Chris Barratt, CTO and RF module design expert, Michel Beghin, CEO, and Marc Vodovar, President, have a combined experience of the RF market in excess of 75 years.


Insight SiP SAS
Agora Einstein
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BP 60247
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UK Offices

Sophicam Ltd
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United Kingdom

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